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Dr. Shiva Greenhalgh is Australia's first suitably qualified registered pet nutritionist at Sydney Animal Nutrition. With a modest background in media, including casual yet engaging podcast discussions, sharing insights on radio, and insightful presentations at conferences, Shiva brings a down-to-earth perspective to the forefront.  Shiva has a heartfelt passion for bridging the gap between pet food science and pet owners. Consider inviting Dr. Shiva Greenhalgh for your next event to experience her genuine expertise and insightful perspectives that resonate with audiences.

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Media Bits



1. Chronic Kidney Disease in Dogs- The Dog Show, Ep.75

Dr Greenhalgh talks about Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in dogs, including what it is, how to know if your dog has CKD, and how diet plays a role in managing it. Watch here

2. Understanding Pet Nutrition- A Modern Animal, Ep. 5

A general discussion on the ins and outs of our pets' diets Watch here

3.The trends, myths and facts around pet nutrition- Vet Vault, Ep. 79

A discussion on the myths that plague pet nutrition, and correcting those myths to facts. Listen here


If you're looking for an expert in all things pet nutrition, feel free to reach out to Dr. Shiva Greenhalgh, as she brings her expertise and insightful perspectives to captivate your audience and elevate your media platform.



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