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At Sydney Animal Nutrition, our mission is to revolutionise pet nutrition in Australia and worldwide. Founded and led by Dr. Shiva Greenhalgh, we specialise in evidence-based pet nutrition tailored to meet the unique needs of each pet. By applying evidence-based practices, we provide invaluable guidance to both pet owners and businesses, fostering a thorough understanding of the essential requirements for optimal pet nutrition.

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Who, What, Why

Welcome to Sydney Animal Nutrition (SAN), where a passion for animal well-being meets expertise in nutrition. Founded in 2017 by registered Animal Nutritionist (RAnNutr) Dr Shiva Greenhalgh, SAN proudly stands as Australia's premier independent small animal nutrition practice.

At SAN, we are committed to revolutionising the landscape of animal nutrition. As the first and only suitably qualified small animal nutrition practice in Australia, we bring forth a wealth of knowledge and experience to guide pet owners and commercial entities alike. Our focus extends beyond conventional pet nutrition, delving into evidenced-based clinical nutrition to provide comprehensive and tailored  solutions for your animal's well-being.

In addition to serving individual pet owners, Sydney Animal Nutrition extends its expertise to cater to the unique demands of commercial and research endeavors in pet production and nutrition. Whether you are a dedicated pet parent seeking guidance or a commercial entity exploring advanced nutritional strategies, SAN is your dedicated partner in promoting optimal health and longevity for our companion creatures.

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Dr Shiva Greenhalgh is a registered Animal Nutritionist through the Nutrition Society of Australia


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Nutritional Consultation

A personalised assessment of your pet's dietary needs and health goals, factoring current and previous health conditions , current diet, and lifestyle. It aims to provide tailored recommendations to address specific health concerns and optimise your pet's well-being in an informed way.

Recipe Formulation
We  can develop suitably balanced pet food recipes tailored to address specific dietary needs, including those of pets with health conditions as. Our goal is to provide pet owners with nutritionally balanced and customised solutions, to ensure optimal health and well-being

Recipe Review

A recipe review involves a thorough evaluation of your pet's current diet, analysing ingredients and nutritional content to ensure it meets specific nutrient and energy requirements. This personalised assessment aims to offer pet owners expert insights and guidance for optimising their pet's nutrition and overall well-being.


We provide a diverse array of commercial services, including consulting in pet food development, recipe formulation, regulatory compliance, and marketing strategies. Their expertise encompasses nutritional analysis, scientific presentations, and training sessions to support businesses in the dynamic pet food industry.

Education & Research

We offer tailored guidance on pet nutrition for individuals and businesses, bridging the gap in the field. Beyond standard services, we provide assistance with research, academic papers, guidance on in-home trial testing, and offer specialised seminars and training sessions for veterinarians, companies, animal organisations and sales teams.

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