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Dr Shiva Greenhalgh, PhD


Meet Dr. Shiva Greenhalgh, our passionate guide through the fascinating world of animal nutrition. As a registered animal nutritionist (RAnNutr) and member of the Nutrition Society of Australia, Shiva brings a wealth of expertise to the table.

In her quest for knowledge, Shiva earned her stripes with a PhD in animal nutrition from the University of Sydney. Her academic journey includes a Masters of Animal Science (Animal Nutrition) from the same institution and a Bachelor of Science (Zoology) from Western Sydney University. And in a twist of versatility, she even dabbled in the world of arts with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in a previous lifetime.

But don't let the academic achievements fool you – Shiva is not your average scholar tucked away in a lab. She seamlessly transitions between commercial projects and private clinical practice, making her mark in both realms. With over a decade of hands-on experience, she not only works but also passionately contributes to the field, with several peer-reviewed articles under her belt.

Now, let's talk about her special love affair with small animals. Shiva is your go-to expert for small animal clinical nutrition, and rumor has it, she's been spotted sharing her insights on media and podcasts. She's not just a scientist; she's a communicator, bringing the complexities of animal nutrition into relatable conversations.

Beyond the world of academia, Shiva is a multifaceted individual. A devoted wife and mother of three human daughters, her household is completed by the lively presence of Mona, the cheeky Keeshond, and two feline companions, Henry and Goblin.

Join Dr. Shiva Greenhalgh on a journey where science meets heart, and let her expertise transform the way you think about your pet's nutrition.

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