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Precision Nutrition is key. Your pet's health is unique, and so are our solutions. let us guide you and your pet with tailored care and nutrition

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Meet Dr Shiva Greenhalgh

Meet Dr. Shiva Greenhalgh, a seasoned expert in animal nutrition. As a registered animal nutritionist with a PhD from the University of Sydney and over a decade of hands-on experience, Shiva specialises in small animal clinical nutrition. Her proficiency extends beyond academia, making her a sought-after professional in both commercial projects and private clinical practice. Join Shiva on a journey where her expertise transforms the way you think about your pets' nutrition


At Sydney Animal Nutrition, we're here to make sure your pets thrive. Whether you're a pet owner seeking guidance or a pet food business looking to enhance your offerings, we've got you covered. For pet owners, we specialise in the nutritional well-being of cats and dogs, addressing various health issues like kidney disease, gastrointestinal disease, diabetes, obesity, and more. We're here to guide, educate, and inform you about your pets' health at every life stage. Our approach is evidence based, yet holistic. We understand that your pet's condition is not always straight forward. We consult Australia and global wide.

For our commercial clients, we provide a range of services such as product development, formulation, labeling, regulatory assistance, feeding guides, presentations, and research and development. Whether you need help with scientific papers or talks, we've got the expertise to support your pet-related endeavors. Trust Sydney Animal Nutrition to bring clarity and expertise to the world of pet health and nutrition.

A personalised assessment of your pet's dietary needs and health goals, factoring current and previous health conditions , current diet, and lifestyle. It aims to provide tailored recommendations to address specific health concerns and optimise your pet's well-being in an informed way. We consult Australia and global wide.

At Sydney Animal Nutrition, our expertise extends to developing tailor-made pet food recipes that cater to specific dietary needs, especially for pets with health conditions. Our primary objective is to furnish pet owners with customised, nutritionally balanced solutions, promoting optimal health and well-being. Through a comprehensive recipe review, we assess your pet's current diet, analysing ingredients and nutritional content to ensure it aligns with specific nutrient and energy requirements. 

Sydney Animal Nutrition offers a comprehensive range of commercial services, including pet food development consulting, recipe formulation, and labelling and regulatory compliance expertise. We provide tailored guidance on pet nutrition for both individuals and businesses, bridging gaps in the industry. Beyond standard services, we offer assistance with research, academic papers, in-home trial testing guidance, and specialised seminars and webinars for veterinarians, companies, animal organisations, and sales teams.


10:00AM- 4:00PM
Closed weekends and public holidays. 


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